5 Ways to Rock Your Natural Hair Like A Boss

Our hair is a crown that should be adorned regularly. It is a representation of our distinct cultures and ethnicities. Even though for years we’ve been introduced to some perceptions of beauty standards, it doesnt take away the fact that altering the natural texture of our hair with numerous chemicals are harmful to our health. Apart from several dire consequences that can be experienced by using relaxers and hot combs, a lot of people shy away from rocking their natural hair because they don't know how to.

Don't fret any longer because we got you. Here are five ways you can rock your natural hair like a boss;

The High Bun

The bun is one of the easiest and fashion-forward styles you can decide to rock your hair in. It is a staple for many and for the most obvious reasons. It is easy to get done, it is convenient, very easy to maintain, and is fit for literally any outfit.
The bun is so versatile and is appropriate for any occasion; a day out with friends, a wedding, to work, to the gym. It is a regular for many because of the duration of time it takes to get it done, which is about 5-10 minutes depending on the length of your hair. Incorporate a beautiful hair band or tiara, and you'll look like the princess that you are.


You can never go wrong with a twist! Twisting your hair is one of the go-to protective styling technique for every naturalista. Another thing that would make you scream for joy is that there are so many techniques; flat twist, sponge twist, and chunky twist. This style is so versatile, every type of twist will give you an entirely different look every single time. Plus, it is very friendly to any length of hair. You can also either let it down or pack it up, whatever you decide this hairstyle will have you looking like a boss in a second.

Bantu Knots

This hairstyle is perfect for natutalistas with long hair. It doesn’t matter what texture of hair you have, you can rock this style and look chic. A lot of women with a 4c type of hair tend to avoid this hairstyle, because they feel it looks better on women with 3A, 3B, and 3C but this isn't the case. All women can rock this style and look fabulous, you just need the right gel and confidence. With those two ingredients then you are good to go. Bantu knots are a very common hairstyle, however, it takes a queen to pull it off. Are you a queen?!

French Braids

French braids are another favorite hairstyle for all naturalistas. This style is a quick fix for your hair on the go as you really do not need a lot to rock this hairdo. All you require is a mirror, a wide toothed comb, a brush, and your eco styler gel.
This style pays attention to detail and is simple enough to rock with any outfit and at any occasion. For weddings, job interviews, a day at work, with a beautify gown, or a more casual wear, french braids are versatile enough to keep it all in check. You can also decide to rock fancy hair jewelry and channel out your inner queen vibes.

The Afro

The afro is by far the ultimate go-to for your natural hair. You can never go wrong with rocking a fro. It is the perfect fusion between classy, sassy, formal, and simple. You can have fun with your fro; wear it big, trim it to a Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA), or incorporate a parting to the side.
Even though the afro is easy to wear, it isn't advisable to wear it during the fall. You should opt for other protective styles during that time of the year. The fro can be worn to every function and with every outfit.
What's awesome is the fact that all it entails is moisturizing and combing and you will look fab naturally.

With so many hairstyles to choose from, you can be rest assured you will look fabulous and chic with your natural hair.

Guest writer ~ Eseandre Otomiewor

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